What We Do
We help you optimize your use of software and streamline your operations to advance your mission.

What We Do

You want to be productive, successful and happy with what you do. When you are, communities, society, and the environment benefit — that’s the influence you have as a nonprofit professional.

We’re proud to help nonprofit colleagues like you streamline your operations and optimize your use of nonprofit software to advance your mission. You’ll get your job done more easily, more efficiently, and with better results. Simply put, we help you:

  • Select the software that’s right for your organization
  • Implement your new software successfully
  • Optimize your organization’s use of your existing software
  • Grow your technology systems and processes as your needs evolve

Custom solutions with proven approaches
Through our work on more than 1,600 nonprofit technology projects, we’ve developed proven practices for nonprofit operations and software use. At the same time, we know that every nonprofit is different. So, we get to know how you work and suggest the most effective solution to maximize return on your software investment and your staff’s time.  

Nonprofit software know-how
We understand nonprofit strategies and people, but we’re also techies. So when it comes time to select and implement the technology that’s right for you, it thrills us to apply our deep knowledge of nonprofit software from vendors like Blackbaud, Convio, Salesforce.com, and Affinaquest to help you advance your mission. And, we stay up-to-date on all the latest product developments to ensure that you’re getting the most from your software investment.

Selecting technology is a choice that will affect your efficiency and results — positively or negatively — for years to come. We’ll help you evaluate and choose the software that’s right for your nonprofit.

Implementing new software can be a big undertaking. We’ll help you implement your software to meet your nonprofit’s specific needs — on time, on budget and without headaches.

Many nonprofits struggle with the software they have. Clean-up, streamlining, documentation and training can make a dramatic difference. We’ll help you make your software work more effectively for your organization.

Even nonprofits that use their software well are rarely realizing their full potential. Want to raise more money and do more for your mission? We'll help your technology get you there.